Trick-or-Treat with UNICEF

I am very excited about this family service opportunity! I have been searching for an alternative to the traditional trick-or-treating for candy because (1) I don’t like to load my kids up with sugar and artificial flavors/colors and (2) With all the stories I have heard about people poisoning candy, etc. it does not seem very safe. But I certainly don’t want to be the boring mom that takes away all the Halloween fun. Now, we can still engage in the Halloween fun and help people at the same time!

Check out the UNICEF website to order free collection boxes and access free lesson plans on poverty. (hint:in order to get the free boxes, I had to sign up as a teacher rather than a parent)

We went a step further and invited our entire church to join in this project with us. This year at trunk-or-treat, people will be passing out quarters in addition to candy.

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