6 simple ways to boost your child’s literacy skills


Homeschooling is hard…and this is just preschool! The hardest part of homeschooling for our family is finding time to actually do it. Most days, I don’t actually sit with my children at the table to do school-like activities. Despite our lack of structured activities, my children are making great progress. They definitely surpass the typical skills at their age level, which is why I have adapted a routine-based homeschooling method. I wanted to share with you some activities I use to bridge the gap between those days that you don’t make it to the “classroom”. These are also great for maintenance (maintaining the old skills while you move onto new ones).


  1. High Five Practice– Trace and cut out your child’s hand or print a this free pattern. Write a letter, word, number, etc. that you are working on and hang the hand near a door at your child’s level. Each time you exit the door have your child high five the hand and say the letter, sound. word. etc.sight-word
  2. Exit Book– I keep a spiral journal in the pocket on the back of the passenger seat in our car. Each page contains a sight word or word family that we are working on. Before each child exits the car they have to read a word from the journal. As we conquer new words I add them to the book.


    Photo credit:  Peaceful Parenting

  3. Snack Letters– Make letters with food during snack time.
  4. Transition word lists– Post a word list or letter list in a common place or transition in your home. For example, the bathroom door or above the bed. Have your child read the list everyday after brushing his or her teeth or before bed. target
  5. Environmental Print in daily routine– point out the letters in environmental print (McDonalds, Jewel, ect.) during your daily routine such as running errands.


    Photo Credit: Multi-grade Matters

  6. Stairs Practice– Tape sight words or letters on the stairs and practice when walking upstairs.


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