8 activities to teach your children Adam and Eve


  1. Read the story straight from the bible. Don’t think your children are too young for the real bible. Even my preschoolers attend to stories straight from the bible. In fact, I read them a chapter every morning. The easiest bible translations for children are the NIrV (New International Reader’s Version), NVC (New Century Version), ICB (International Children’s Bible)–all of which are a 3rd grade reading level.
  2. Watch a YouTube video- there are plenty versions of the story of children ranging from 3 minutes to 20 minutes depending on what kind of time commitment you have. Just search “bible creation story for kids”.
  3. Gospel Game– I got this idea from Kingsley Corner. After every bible story, I set up a game board out of wash clothes. The kids answer questions as they proceed through the “board”. The last piece is usually a memory verse. The kids get a cookie when they reach the end. In order, to feel less guilty I make “healthy” cookies. Recipes coming soon. Here are a list of questions for the creation story (focused on the fall)
    • What was the name of the first man? Adam
    • What was the name of the first woman? Eve
    • Where did Adam and Eve live? The Garden of Eden
    • What was God’s one rule? Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
    • What will happen if they eat the fruit from the tree? They will die
    • Who told Adam and Eve the fruit would be good to eat? The Serpent (or Snake)
    • What did the Serpent tell Eve would happen? You will become wise like God
    • Did Adam and Eve obey God? No

**** I only do about 4-5 questions. You can do more depending on the age of your kids. We do this everyday for the same story for one week, rotating questions. For younger children that have difficulty answering the questions use a delayed model meaning you ask the question, provide the answer, and then ask the question again allowing the child answer the second time.


You: What was the name of the first man?

You: Adam

You: What was the name of the first man?

Child: Adam

4. Grapevine Studies Curriculum– This curriculum uses an instructed drawing method to teach bible stories. They call it “Stick Figuring through the Bible”. Grapevine offers a free sample of the creation story lesson here– available in 5 levels. It is found in the links under “Sample Lessons- Studies by Level”

5. Create a creation garden using real vegetation found in your yard. Gather a baking pan, shovel, and gloves. Dig up some dirt, moss, grass, etc. Insert sticks in the dirt to make trees. Add flowers, leaves, rocks, etc. Read the Genesis 2:8-14 for a description of what the garden looked like. Add some diy peg people (or buy the ones from etsy) or stick people.

peg people

6. Study Fig leaves. The bible says “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. Look up pictures of fig leaves. Draw them (or for younger children- trace them). Learn about the environments that they grow in. Go to the store and buy figs to eat.

7. Make clothing out of leaves. You probably don’t have fig trees but you can use other leaves to make clothes. Gather some twine, a plastic children’s sewing needle, and head outside to make some clothing.

8. Make the garden of Eden out of LEGOS. Read the Genesis 2:8-14 for a description of what the garden looked like.

lego garden


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