These are our current curriculum materials. I could not find a preschool curriculum that was challenging enough for my son. Most curriculum are based on a letter of the week approach. My son already knows all of his letters, sounds, and words that begin with that letter. We needed something more advanced. I also don’t believe in doing worksheet, worksheets, worksheets all the time. Most of the curriculums I found online revolved around worksheets.




  • **FREE** Pinterested activities
  • **FREE** Our math lessons are built into everyday activities such as counting our snack, measuring during cooking, talking about more and less, etc.



  • **FREE**Pinterest Activities
  • **FREE**Everyday conversations and exploration of environment


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abcmouse_mouse– The library has a free subscription to this website. I use it for reading, math, science, and social studies. It also has music and art activities. It is very educational, breaks subjects down into many topics, and my son loves it.

I also refer to the Illinois Early Learning Standards to be sure we are on track with our learning goals.


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