Product Review: Michael Heggerty


View Sample Lesson Plan Here (pre-kindergarten)

Price: $74.99 (However, I ordered mine over the phone and the salesperson gave me a discount for ordering the prekindergarten and kindergarten at the same time)

Target Skills: Phonemic Awareness (the understanding that spoken words are made up of individual sounds, which are called phonemes. A child who is phonemically aware is able to isolate sounds, manipulate the sounds, blend and segment the sounds into spoken and written words.Phonemic awareness is an auditory training process. It does not involve print. It is not phonics!)

  • Letter naming
  • Rhyming
  • Onset Fluency
  • Blending
  • Identifying final and/or medial sounds
  • Segmenting
  • Adding phonemes
  • Deleting phonemes
  • Substituting phonemes
  • Language Awareness

Versions: Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, Primary (Grades 1-3)

  • There is also 2 levels of a Spanish curriculum geared towards ESL students


My first exposure to this curriculum was teaching kindergarten in a local public school. When I started homeschooling, I knew I had to get this, although it is an investment. Michael Heggerty’s curriculum receives rave reviews from public school teachers and was recommended by all my teacher friends.

I love the simplicity of this curriculum. It is very easy to fit into our daily routine as it only takes about 10 minutes a day. I usually do it right before bedtime or nap. It requires no preparation (with exception of the optional center activity-read on). Another bonus- my husband can lead this activity! (He is not a natural teacher, so this is huge for me)

I have definitely seen my son’s phonemic awareness skills increase since we started this curriculum and although the product description says it is for 3-4 year olds, my 2 year-old enjoys it as well and is able to participate. I do not do the last two boxes on the chart (language awareness and optional center activity). The optional center activity does require preparation and often involves items that I don’t have on hand. When it comes to choosing homeschooling activities I try to weigh the amount of time the activity takes to prepare with what my child is going to get from the activity and this just didn’t seem worth my time.



  • No Preparation
  • Takes only 10 minutes
  • Effective in increasing phonemic awareness


  • Expensive
  • Awkward size book


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