5 Reasons to teach your kids to not believe in Santa


Santa, Santa, Santa, Santa! It’s hard to teach your kids about baby Jesus when you have to compete with Santa. After much debate and many conversations, my husband and I decided we are going to teach our kids to not believe in Santa. This is not an easy thing to do these days. At school they learn about Santa, their friends talk about Santa, Santa is at the mall, at the store, at the fire station. Sometimes he is even at church. One of the most common questions I hear people ask my kids around Christmas time is “Is Santa coming to your house?”, “Did you tell Santa what you want for Christmas?”, etc. Annoying…I will talk about how to answer these questions in a bit.

So we made the decision to teach our kids not to believe in Santa. But how do we do this? The reaction I get from people when I tell them we don’t do Santa is “What” Gasp! The reality is…Santa is fun! Most of my great childhood memories from Christmas involve Santa. Writing him letters, searching for his sleigh in the sky the night of Christmas Eve, baking him cookies. All of these things made Christmas fun and I definitely don’t want to take the fun out of Christmas. I can’t believe I just said that…Christmas isn’t fun without Santa? I believe Christmas should be fun, Jesus should be fun. After all, God invented fun.

Why I don’t want my kids to believe in Santa:

  1. I want my children to be givers, not takers. Santa makes Christmas about getting not giving.
  2. When they find out Santa is not real, Christmas is ruined. It is no longer fun. I clearly remember Christmas being boring years following my discovery that Santa is not real. It wasn’t until I became an adult that Christmas was anticipated with the same kinds of joy as it was when I was a child.
  3. I don’t want to lie to my kids. I want my kids to trust me and take seriously the things I say to them. If Santa is not real…what about Jesus?
  4. Santa is an idol. People don’t just believe in Santa..they worship Santa. He takes the place the God. Eternal, Present-everywhere, Omniscient.
  5. It teaches children to value material things. Christmas ends up revolving around material presents instead of the gift Jesus, friends, and family. These are blessings that come from God, not Santa.

Coming Soon: How to teach your kids to not believe in Santa and Fun ways to make Christmas about Jesus

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