Samuel Listens

Bible Story 1 Samuel 3:1-10

bible-iconMain story
(I summarized the story in my own words after reviewing it prior)
Samuel goes to The Temple to help Eli.
Samuel hears God calling him and he thinks it is Eli.
Eli knows it is the voice of God and tells Samuel to go back and listen to what God wants to say.
Samuel tells God he is listening.
God trusts Samuel with information about the future.

act-iconAct out the story using toy dolls, blocks, doll house beds.

question-mark-iconReview Questions
(I ask these questions throughout the day)
Parent: “Where did Samuel go when he heard his name called?”
Child: “To Eli.”
Parent: “What did Eli say?”
Child: “It wasn’t me – go to bed!”
Parent: “Who was really calling Samuel?”
Child: “God!”


Practice the memory verse with the children. Can they say it with their hands
on their head? In a loud voice, whisper? With their eyes closed? Remind
them that God is in control and we can always trust Him. Use the picture cues
for the verse. You can even cut the picture cues apart and have the children
put them in the correct order. Follow the “Levels of Instruction” as described
to the right for a guideline.

Gather the children together in a circle on the floor or at a table. Pass a Bible
around the circle to music. When the music is stopped, have the child hold up
the Bible and say: “I will obey God’s Word”. If the child is non-verbal, have
this phrase pre-recorded on a communication switch. Have all the children
say this phrase together. Repeat this process so each child has a chance to
hold the Bible up and say they will obey God’s Word. You can end by praying
and thanking God for His Word and all the things we learn from His Word.


“ARE YOU SLEEPING?” to the tune of Frere Jacques
Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?
Samuel? Samuel?
The Lord above is calling The Lord above is calling Answer Him, answer Him

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