David & Goliath

Bible Story 1 Samuel 17

bible-iconMain Story
Introduction to Story: We talked about the 2 main characters in the story (David and Goliath). I wrote their names on a white board. The children identified the first letter in each name and the sound it makes. We counted the letter and syllables in each word and discussed which word is longer.

Read the story from the The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers– pages 98-103

Summarize story

  1. Goliath was a big giant. Everyone was afraid of him. He bragged that no body could beat him.
  2. David was not afraid of Goliath. He knew God would protect him.
  3. David fought the Giant and killed him by throwing a stone at his forehead.

act-icon Act it out. Make costumes for David and Goliath. Gather pretend stones and a sling and act out the story.

img_3058 david-e1383320220152

question-mark-iconReview Questions

  1. What was the Giants name? Goliath
  2. What did everyone do when they saw him? Ran away
  3. Who wasn’t afraid of Goliath? David (Simplier: Was David afraid of Goliath?)
  4. How did David kill Goliath? Threw a stone at his head


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